Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bluetooth 4.0 for Smartphones Will Change Your Life

English: Nokia Bluetooth headset BH-208 disass...
English: Nokia Bluetooth headset BH-208 disassembled Polski: Rozebrana słuchawka Bluetooth Nokia BH-208 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By now, you have certainly heard the term Bluetooth Smart, but just what exactly does that mean and how will it change the way you use your wireless devices? Bluetooth smart is the newest standard that is made possible by the latest Bluetooth v4.0 technology. Most of us are familiar with standard Bluetooth technology; it's the form of wireless transmission that lets us listen to music or speak on the phone wirelessly and to easily transfer files between our mobile devices and computers.
The most recent version however has been fundamentally changed to utilize special low-energy technology that enables Bluetooth Smart devices to operate for months and in many cases years on small, coin cell batteries. This new super efficiency opens up endless wireless applications to products ranging from sports and fitness, security, home automation, and health care.
Many products take full advantage of this new highly efficient low-energy standard to power our sport, security, training, and automation products. What this means to you is simple; smaller, smarter, more powerful smartphone devices with power that lasts literally, for years. Forget about frequent battery charges or change-outs on fitness gear such as Heart Rate Monitors, Bike Speed/Cadence sensors, or Power Meters. You can concentrate instead on getting your workout done quickly and with more data acquisition and fitness tracking than ever before.
Security products utilizing Bluetooth, allow you to digitally tether your valuables to your phone and vice-versa. By attaching a small security tag, you will be notified with an audio alarm whenever your items are separated. You will rest assured that your tagged smart phone or valuables will remain under the watchful eyes and ears of your Bluetooth Smart capable mobile devices and you will never lose them again.
When it comes to fitness, Bluetooth smart really raises the level of your game, no matter what it is, Heart Rate Monitors, Bike Speed and Cadence sensors, and Power Meters can track you progress, monitor your current condition, and display your results. By automatically collecting your fitness data, you can design rides, runs, and workouts that deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time.
When it comes to home automation, Bluetooth 4.0 will make your home more efficient and intelligent. Products for monitoring climate control, security, and utilities are one the way. Leading companies are producing remote temperature sensors that allow you to monitor and adjust temp controls in different parts of your home, auto or anywhere you need to maintain.
The possibilities of Bluetooth Smart are practically endless and you can look forward to new applications and devices to turn the power of your smartphone into a tool for fun, fitness, security and more.
iMaze is a fitness and lifestyle company that leads the way in creating a system to connect you to the newest in smartphone tech. We utilize the latest Bluetooth technology to turn your smartphone into a tool of endless possibilities and great convenience.
We offer fitness, security, and home enhancement products to create a seamless connection between you and the digital world.
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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Choosing the Right Social Network For Your Business

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